ScreenHunter Pro 7 64-Bit pansy Download

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ScreenHunter Pro 7 64-Bit pansy Download
ScreenHunter Pro 7

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Here is a useful program that will help you save the desktop after processing the received image in a special image editor, and in full news you can download ScreenHunter.
Super Mario Bros 3 The author of the program speaks positively about its development, which is understandable, in general the conclusion is that the official website says that the program can paint not only one window, but any element, maybe someone.

ScreenHunter, in addition to what was written earlier, can capture any text in programs, it is also very useful, although the tool is not unique in its kind. You should like this feature when the standard copy function refuses to work. You can also connect the scanner to your computer and then send the images directly to the program and then edit them, as described above, in the built-in editor, which accidentally has a normal number of functions.

Of course, ScreenHunter allows you to take pictures from any selected area, and this area can have any shape, enough imagination. There is also support for keyboard shortcuts, you can’t edit them, but it’s worth checking out. ScreenHunter has a simple look, does not shine with any color or other joys, everything is boring and boring, but, as you know, it is not the most important thing. The program does not have a Russian location, of course, you can call it a minus, you like that it does not have so many functions and they are all clear.

In addition, you can see the ability to send images by email, there is support for capturing images of programs running in MS-DOS, you can adjust the level of transparency in automatic mode, even video recording is present. I wanted to introduce you to such an interesting program, I hope that ScreenHunter will be useful and replace it with the usual tools in this area, unless it pays off, let’s not forget about the record, there is a simple serial number that is not a hard handle.

Developer: isdom Software Inc.

License: ShareVare


Size: 130 MB

OS: Winds

How to install:

1) Instructions are provided if required.

2) You liked it.

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