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The ARTIKEL INOX is a professional and experienced company manufacturing stainless steel products and equipment for the catering and the food services.

ARTIKEL INOX has been part of the Power Tech Laser, the leading nationwide laser based Industry.

Having decades of experience in building Commercial kitchen equipment, and we Focus evolving professional styles and innovational technologies, ARTIKEL INOX offers complete solution for all kind of Catering: Hotels, restaurants, Cafeteria and bar, we will tailor our service to the client budget and requirements.
Dedicated to delivering product and service excellence, ARTIKEL INOX business model and equipment portfolio have been created to respond to its customers’ requirements to deliver ever-greater levels of quality and value its highly trained and dedicated team of engineers using their analytical skills, practical experience and creative talents to provide leading edge and commercially astute solutions.

ARTIKEL INOX is an established brand, well known in India for the quality and reliability of its
equipment. Artikel Inox kitchens are built for life and designed on first-hand experience, through listening to customers’ needs and by working alongside chefs.

ARTIKLE INOX designs and manufacture of Commercial kitchen equipments, with the aim of:

  • Delivering quality equipment
  • Technology oriented
  • Cost Effective
  • Optimizing Efficiency

We hope ARTIKEL INOX will become an important part of your world.

Why Choose Us?

ARTIKEL INOX is well known for manufacturing of quality professional kitchen equipment that is individually designed for customer requirement. ARTIKEL INOX has a reputation for excellence in innovative kitchen designs, high quality kitchen materials, professional kitchen installation and exceptional customer service throughout the entire process of delivering the product.


Our skilled and experienced team provide an unrivalled, professional service which always focuses on putting the customer first.


A great deal of time, effort, skill and experience goes into making sure each  design specified to customer’s unique needs and requirements.


Professionally trained installation team. Who are prepared to meet company standards.


Organized in a particular pattern to optimize performance and efficiency


Quality and on time delivery


These machines can bore, with maximum precision, holes whose diameter is smaller than the thickness of the sheet metal undergoing machining. Furthermore, owing to cutting speed and to the possibility of unsupervised operation, a reduction in production time and in the cost of labour are obtained. The optimisation of the quantity of material used, and the ensuing cost reduction, are guaranteed through careful programming and through the computerised “nesting” system, which maps the particulars in order best to exploit the sheet’s dimensions


ARTIKEL INOX also includes CNC bending machines, characterised by extreme and consistent angular precision along the entire length of the bend. In addition, the great speed of the axis diminishes production time, and consequently the cost


Pneumatic system and tools are used as these equipment are portable, highly