Pizza Range


Product Features

  • No welding and polishing on exterior surface of unit.
  • 43°C ambient temperature.
  • Door gasket is easy to take off for cleaning and replacement.
  • High density insulation, 40KG/m’ CFCs free, up to 75mm thickness of the insulation for cabinet, 60mm for counter
  • Standard GN size shelf
  • Wide round edges and corners for cleaning.
  • Monoblock Cooling System, easy to take off for repairing and cleaning.
  • Reversible and self-closing door.
  • Draining system inside for defrosting water.
  • High-speed fan motor ensures the cooled air can be blown to everywhere inside.
  • Digital thermostat with temperature display, precisely set temperature for foods.
  • Defrosting system by time and temperature automatically.
  • Heated door frame to avoid water condensation.
  • Options: Adjustable feet / Castor.
  • 220V/50Hz, Lock & key.