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Refrigerated Bain Marie
Heated Bain Marie with Tray Rest Rail and Sneeze Guard
Drop in Frost Top
Heated Bain Marie
Drop in Cold Well

Technical Details


Stainless steel cell, high density foamed with polyurethane in a single element; rounded corners. Stainless steel double skin watertight top. FUNCTIONS: The electrical components are in the instrument panel, removable from the back and easily available for every need; anti-dust lter for the condenser protection, colled by an air ux going through the grills. Removable motor condenser working with R 134a and R404a gas. Adjustable grill and basin. Automatic door and locking, equipped with open/close device and gasket.
WORKING: Wide spread working with forced air circulation (in ventilated version) through canalisation, in order to help the constant coolair distribution in every space. Automatic hot gas defrosting system. Evaporation areas can be 2, on one side for ventilated version, in the back for static version. Sure working till 32°C, 60% humidity.

  • Bain Marie used for keeping cooked food at serving temperatures using hot water.
  • Incoloy armoured heating elements positioned beneath the base of the well.
  • Filling water level is marked on the side of the well.
  • Unit to feature manual rell of well.
  • Water temperature controlled by thermostat with maximum temperature value of 90 °C.
  • Basin drained by valve which is provided inside the cabinet.
  • One piece pressed 1.5 mm work top in Stainless steel.


Simple installation. Self-contained refrigerated cold wall food wells requires no plumbing or drain connections resulting in simplied installation into any fabricated surface or xture.
Ecient cooling. Exclusive cold wall conductive cooling transfers cold eciently through recessed food pans instead of forcing cold only through the bottom of pan or blowing cold air over the of the food and drying it out.
Maintains fresh quality. High eciency cold wall technology maintains refrigerated food temperatures without drying foods out with forced air. Foods stay fresher, longer.
Customized look. Easily drop hot, cold and/or round wells into most fabricated counters, chef tables or mobile carts.