Stainless Steel Shelving/Storage Rack-Smooth-5 Levels
Pot Rack-4 Levels
Stainless Steel Tall Cabinet with Sliding Doors/
Hinged Doors
Stainless Steel Shelving/Storage Rack-Perforated-4 Levels
MS Slotted Angle Rack-5 Levels
MS Tall Cabinet with Sliding Doors/Hinged Doors

Technical Details

Shelving System

Construction made of AISI 304 stainless steel – Cylindrical legs diameter 50mm with adjustable feet – Fixing of shelves to columns is obtained with 4 bolts – Shelves are xed with no-cut attened lower folds and with central boxed reinforcement.

Tall Cabinets

Cabinets with sliding or hinged doors designed in a variety of versions and variations, which can be used in a selection of dierent places for the most appropriate use. These are: crockery cupboards and storage cupboards, with sliding, full and transparent doors, changing room lockers and multipurpose cupboards with single or double doors and with internal shelves, a broom holder and a clothes rail.