MANUFACTURE: Stainless steel cell, high density foamed with polyurethane in a single element; rounded corners. Stainless steel double skin watertight top.

FUNCTIONS: The electrical components are in the instrument panel, removable from the back and easily available for every need; anti-dust filter for the condenser protection, colled by an air flux going through the grills. Removable motor condenser working with R 134a and R 404a gas. Adjustable grill and basin. Automatic door and locking, equipped with open/close device and gasket.

WORKING: Widespread working with forced air circulation (in ventilated version) through canalisation, in order to help the constant cool-air distribution in every space. Automatic hot gas defrosting system.

Evaporation areas can be 2, on one side for ventilated version, in the back for static version. Sure working till 32°C, 60% humidity.

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